If you did the exercises that I proposed to practice the design based on Observe and interact of permaculture in your farm, at home, in your life, in your relationships… congratulations!

And thank you!

If not, you’re still on time. 😉

And if you do them after reading this post and apply these ideas that I share today,

I know that they will be of great help to you. So go ahead!


You’ve already found that observing is a matter of knowing how to “look,” and that you are able to “learn to look”.

I invite you to practice two (complementary) looks at different scales:

  • The great look applies to the great projects of your life, the irreversible actions (or of greater depth and impact) that you are still willing to take…. Practice the great look on a recurring basis a few times a year (and every time you have to make a big decision) to redesign your life, because it will nourish you with conscious information to apply the concrete look more fluently.
  • The concrete look is the look from and on the organizational and the operational: how you work in the day to day and how you organize your time, your space and your resources, even your human relationships, with other beings or with the things around you.


Questions to apply the great look (spiritual, strategic):

  • Have you previously identified the authentic needs, the justification for action? (Consistency with the plot of life).
  • Does this action make sense and unfold your purpose in life? (Alignment).
  • Where do I look… (outward -environment-, inwards-towards me-)? (Transformation).

Questions to apply the specific look (organizational; tactical; operational; technical):

  • How long will I watch?
  • What do I have to look at (to whom, where, what things, what processes…)?
  • How do I look (apprentice mind, without prejudice, setting aside your dream and expectations)?


Don’t lead to paralysis from the analysis.

It is not a question of moving into action, but of moving into action conscientiously and consciously.


There is a post (english version) where I told you about this principle of design in permaculture and its application not only in permaculture, but in human design.

Here’s the post and FB Live from yesterday where I explained the exercises and gave some guidelines. 🙂

I’ll also leave you… a pair of twinned complements to learn more about the action-reflection cycles, fundamental for personal and group development:

  • If you prefer me to tell you, on video (from my Youtube channel – to which I invite you to subscribe!! – engraved in the mining area of Riotinto-Nerva (Huelva)).
  • If you also or if you prefer, you can read it calmly in this blog post.


Every day a short and direct Facebook Live, on key topics to improve individually and grouply (teams, companies, associations, communities…).

A gift in times of crisis, that is, in times of reflection and opportunity for improvement.

#loveintimesofcrisis #groups #teams #sustainability


Cada día un Facebook Live corto y directo al grano, sobre temas clave para mejorar individual y grupalmente (equipos, empresas, asociaciones, comunidades…).
Un regalo en tiempos de crisis, o sea, en tiempos de reflexión y oportunidad de mejora.
#amarentiemposdecrisis #grupos #equipos #sostenibilidad


Todos os dias um curto e direto Facebook Live, sobre temas-chave para melhorar individualmente e em grupo (equipas, empresas, associações, comunidades…).

Um presente em tempos de crise, isto é, em tempos de reflexão e oportunidade de melhoria.

#amaremtemposdecrise #grupos #equipas #sustentabilidade




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