PRACTICING “OBSERVE & INTERACT” (permaculture and human design) Today I propose to practice the application of the first principle of design in permaculture (of which I told you yesterday) on the material and intangible plane: Observe and interact. Exercise 1. Small everyday changes. Think of small things you might want to change in your daily life, real things! Things that if you … Continue reading PRACTICING “OBSERVE & INTERACT” (permaculture and human design)

OBSERVE & INTERACT (permaculture design principle) Permaculture, as the design of sustainable human systems, does not only help or to design and manage the physical environment, but also the interpersonal, group and community environment (relationships, human processes, the organization of groups...). According to David Holmgren, the first design principle in permaculture is: Observe and interact. Observing and interacting is: GATHER … Continue reading OBSERVE & INTERACT (permaculture design principle)